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The largest collection of handmade Viking bracelets and Viking armbands for true fans of Viking culture! Choose the one you like the most and we will deliver it to your doorstep!

Are you looking for a Viking Bracelet that would make a perfect addition to your Viking outfit? Within the Vikings Bracelets Collection, you can find bracelets ideal for special events as well as an everyday addition to your Viking look.

Designed to resemble jewelry from the Viking Era, the bracelets offered by VikingsBrand are not just an ornament on your hand, they are much more. Each of them has their own story, so choose the one that is quite similar to yours, and let your story be told with just a glance at your hand.

Our unique handmade bracelets are designed to look like the bracelets worn by the most powerful Vikings of their time! Odin's Ravens, Mjolnir, Norse Runes, and Jormungandr the World Serpent are just some of the designs you can find in this collection.

VikingsBrand Bracelets are certainly a great addition to any jewelry collection of a true Viking. The bracelets have a special place on our website, and those little jewelry gems are sure to hold a special place in your heart as well.

Even if you think that nothing can improve your Viking look, check out our collection of Viking Bracelets, and you might just change your mind. 

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Below are some common questions we get asked about this collection.

What Is A Viking Bracelet Called? 

Also known as arm rings, Viking bracelet bands were among the most popular forms of jewelry in the Viking era. The Vikings wore bracelets to increase their social appeal and sign of oath. It was made of precious metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc., and was commonly worn by men and warriors. 

What bracelet does Ragnar wear?

In the popular epic TV series VIKINGS, Ragnar Lorthbrok wears a Viking Dragon Head Torc similar to the ones described in Norse mythology. The arm ring is valuable, and In the TV series, Ragnar gifts Aethelstan the Viking bracelet for saving his life. It is also used to signify the passage from a boy to a man or warrior.  

What does the Viking Wolf bracelet mean?

Wolves in the Viking era were highly respected, and bracelets made with wolf heads were a symbol of power and force. In particular, it represents the mythical Viking wolf Fenrir whose destiny was to fight Odin during Ragnarok. 

How do you wear a Viking bracelet?

Viking bracelets are worn on the bicep of the upper hand. They need to hug your arm and require a flexible hand to adapt to the bracelet size. If you are buying a Viking bracelet online, we recommend checking the dimensions so that it snugly fits your arm.  

In the Viking age, bracelets were worn almost anywhere from battlefields to weddings. As a result, it was an important piece of jewelry and memorabilia. 

If you need to add such value to your collection, check out our unique pieces of Viking bracelets. We have talented craft smiths who draw inspiration from Norse mythology and the jewelry worn by the ancient, real Vikings. 

We use top-quality materials and ensure your bracelet lasts a lifetime. Each piece is as valuable as it was in the Viking era, and depending on your beliefs, it can hold a special place in your heart!


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