Viking Axes

Check out our great range of Viking axes, various themes and types, including tomahawks, steel axes, and hatchets. You may also be interested in our "how to make a viking axe" article.

We stock all types of historically accurate Viking axes recreated by dedicated craftsmen. Each item is born from utterly unique ideas and designs, ensuring that no two axes are ever the same.

Our collection of Viking axes is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of history and authenticity to their display or collection. These axes can also be used for live-action roleplaying, reenactments, and other historical displays. Our Viking axes come in various styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect one for your needs. We have fierce-looking battle axes, elegant ceremonial axes, and everything in between.

Each axe is made with the utmost care and precision, guaranteeing both its beauty and its functionality. We also offer a wide range of engraving customization options, so you can make your axe genuinely unique.

Are Your Viking Axes Real Or Replicas?

All our Viking axes are high-end replicas of remnants from the Nordic past. Each of the axes is hand forged by highly skilled craftsmen.  Each axe is unique and has a character of its own.

Our axes are 100% historically accurate. They are based on actual Viking axes found in archaeological excavations from the famous “Age of Vikings,” spanning 793, when the first Viking raid at Lindisfarne happened, to the Norman Conquest of 1066. We also have Thor's hammer replicas if you're interested.

Can I Use These Axes In LARP Games?

LARP games require foam-based replicas of actual weapons. Our Viking axes are not suitable for live-action role-playing (LARP) games as they are made of high-quality carbon steel and have sharp edges that can cause injury.

NOTE: Despite that, they can still be used but only by professional roleplayers or when the sharp end is covered or blunted.

Do You Sell Any Hand Crafted Axes?

All our axes are handcrafted. All the steps involved in making our axes are done by hand, from forging and sharpening the axe head to curving and smoothing the handle. No pre-cut blanks, waterjets, or CNC were used to make our axes.

What Are The Different Styles Of Axes You Sell?

We have different styles of axes, including the Classic Axe (a classic axe head without any protrusion on the backside); the Pommel Axe (an axe with a protrusion on the backside); the Broad Axe (a broad axe head with one blade curving down towards its end); the Dane Axe (a typical battle axe with a long and wide axe head); double-sided axe (a two-headed axe).

Each style has its own unique characteristics that make it perfect for different tasks.

Do You Also Sell Viking Hatchets?

Yes, we also sell Viking hatchets. The Viking hatchet is slightly smaller than the Viking axe and has a more curved edge. It was mainly used for chopping wood but could also be used as a weapon in close combat.

There are three styles of Viking hatchets: the Scandinavian hatchet (a double-bladed axe); the sparth (also known as "wrists" or "fist axe"); and the Francisca (first seen in Northern Poland).

Are Your Axe Handles Metal Or Wooden?

Each of our ax handles is made of premium wood that has been specially kiln-dried for extra durability. The handles are treated with a natural finish that looks great and provides protection against water and weathering.

Can I Customize The Axe With An Engraving?

Yes. There are two options when purchasing—no engraving, with engraving. Choose the "With Engraving" option to input the text you want to be carved out on your ax for an extra touch of personalization.

Do The Viking Axes Come With A Box?

If you want a box included to store your axe, you can add the option for a custom Wooden Runic Box that will be designed to fit the axe perfectly.

Explore our range of Viking axes and other products and get your perfect piece of history today. Become a real Norseman or valkyrie girl today, or even get your friends something to brag about.


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