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Our love toward Norse mythology inspired us to design Viking Home Decor collection. If you wish to live in an authentic Viking home, be sure to browse our Nordic Home Decor collection!

About Our Home Decor Range

If you want to turn your home into a real little Viking hall, the Viking Home decor collection contains everything you need, so look no further.

There is always "something missing" in our home to make it look perfect. Whether it's the details on your shelves, a new mug for a better taste of a Viking beer, or a blanket featuring some Nordic God, VikingsBrand thought of everything.

Now, you can find everything you need to bring the spirit of the Norse mythology into your home in one place.

VikingsBrand has created a Viking Home decor collection to make it easier for you to find all the tiny little Viking details for your home in just a few clicks. Unique, original, made of the quality and durable materials, these VikingsBrand's items are fantastic in decorating homes in a Viking style.

From handcrafted Viking bedding sets and huge clocks to fabulous wall art with motives like Odin, Fenrir, Ragnar, Thor's Hammer, this collection is a place that many Vikings often visit to get new, unusual items for their halls.

The biggest problem might be the decision, what to choose when everything within the Viking home decor Collection is perfect?

The Vikings were seafaring people who raided and traded from their homeland in Scandinavia to places as far away as the Middle East and North America. While they're best known for their swords and shields, the Vikings also had a rich culture that is extensively reflected in modern art remakes.

Today, you can bring a little bit of that Viking vibe into your life and home with jewelry, accessories, streetwear, Viking armory, and much more!

When most people think of home decor, they think of traditional styles like French country or English cottage. But what about Norse or Viking style? This unique and eye-catching decor style is perfect for anyone who wants a touch of the unusual in their home.

The nordic decor is great for anyone who wants something unique and different. Below are some popular questions we're regulalry asked about our range.

What Type Of Viking Home Decor Do You Sell?

We've stocked Norse & Nordic-inspired home decor. If you're looking to add a touch of the Viking era to your home, there are plenty of options available to you. From wall art decorations to blankets, bedding sets, authentic drinking ware, quilts, hand-carved boats, incense holders, and Viking armory, our store has a diverse selection of Viking-style goods for all your decor needs.

What Home Decor Viking Motifs Are Use?

We've incorporated a wide range of Viking motifs into our home decor collection. For example, our bedding sets and wall art decorations feature the Norsemen Viking Warriors, skulls, Norse God Tyr, Ragnarok, Drakkar Sailing, Viking warship, nordic symbols, and much more!

From tapestries to jewelry and accessories, you can bring a little bit of the Viking vibe into your home. Other popular motifs include runes, shields, and axes.

What Type Of Viking Mugs Are Available?

Our store offers a range of authentic drinking vessels, including horns, mugs, and steins. Many of our drinking ware items are handmade and come with intricate designs that depict various aspects of the Viking era.

The mugs feature intricate skull carvings on the outside that are sure to make your drinking experience more fun!

What Types Of Viking Blankets Do You Sell?

We have a wide range of fleece blankets inspired by the Viking era. Our blankets are made of high-quality materials and feature beautiful Scandinavian print designs that will transform your bedroom into a Nordic paradise.

Our popular Viking blankets include the Norse God Odin Fleece Blanket, The Raven Axe Fleece Blanket, and The Norse Mythology Viking Fleece Blanket.

What Is The Wall Art Made Of?

Our wall art is made of high-quality canvas materials and is perfect for adding some Nordic flair to your home. Our selection of wall art includes a variety of designs, including the Thor Hammer, Viking ship, Valhalla, Fenrir, and many more. We also have a range of sizes available so you can find the perfect piece that fits your home.
You can also get the Skål Viking home decor wood sign to place next to the bar or to gift it out and share encouragement and strength with friends or family

Are The Viking Bed Sets Complete?

Yes. Our Viking bedding sets​ include one duvet cover and two pillowcases. The beddings sets are available in several sizes, including Twin, Full/Double, Single, Queen, King, and Superking in both EU & US standard sizes. A popular set is the Norseman Warrior set.

What Are The Bed Sets Made Of?

Our Viking bedding sets are made of premium high-density polyester fabric with excellent pilling resistance. They are breathable, extra soft & smooth, and difficult to fade or oxidize. The bedding sets are also easy to care for and machine-washed at a low temperature. Perfect for a stylish nordic styled bedroom and daily use.

Nordic style is all about creating a warm, inviting home that feels like a cozy sanctuary from the cold outside world. This style typically features lots of natural materials like wood and stone and muted colors like grays, blues, and greens.

Enjoy shopping at Viking Brand for all your Viking decor needs.


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