Our Story

Skål! The Vikings Brand is led by two passionate heathens from the Reykjavík, Iceland, with the aim of giving a new life to the ancient Norse culture and symbols, by introducing them in the digital, modern World.

Our homeland, Iceland, has historically been known as the place where wild Vikings came to live when they wanted to settle from the stormy weathers and end the practice of raiding, and pillaging that had once made these warriors so feared.

As direct ascendants of these brave men and women, we are strongly dedicated to providing you with the highest quality reproductions of ancient Viking’s artifacts and symbols.

Many items are utterly unique ideas and designs of the dedicated craftsmen we work with, which literally means they’re not to be found nowhere else. They are based on the exact symbols and archetypes found in the historical items from the famous “Age of Vikings”, spanning from 793, when the first Viking raid at Lindisfarne happened, to the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Most of the items in our shop are hand-crafted by devoted artists who use a combination of modern machinery and traditional hand tools to create high end replicas of remnants from the Nordic past, ensuring durability and the highest possible quality of materials.

Items include Viking necklaces, bracelets and armbands, gold jewelry and rings, wooden Viking watches, and much more. Also checkout our latest collections including Viking cloaks, and Viking blankets.

Customers of the Vikings Brand originate from all over the World: North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia. We feel a great joy in the fact that Nordic culture has now become a global phenomenon with followers of all races, thanks to the digital age we live in.


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