Viking Legends Apparel

Only on VikingsBrand! "Viking Legend Since" collection of Viking shirts and hoodies is unique on the market and can be customized with your birth year! Be unique, be a true Viking, show your pride! More styles available!

Viking Legend Apparel

If you wish to emphasize how long have you been a true Viking, the hoodies that show the year of your birth are the perfect way to do this.

Thanks to our Viking Legend Apparel Collection, you can proudly show to everyone around you when a new Viking Legend was born!

Only the highest quality materials and prints have been used to make our sweatshirts, so you don't have to fear that they will fade in time or become damaged.

The Viking Legend Apparel Collection originated from the desire of the VikingsBrand to revive forgotten Viking legends. And now, we need your help. We need real Vikings who recognize the importance of our mission and share our love for the Norse mythology to say to the World: "Viking Legends are still here!".

So, are you a Viking Legend?


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