Viking & Norse Hooded Blankets - God Odin, Warrior & More

With our Viking hooded blankets, you won't have to fear cold ever again. Chose your perfect Norse hooded blanket now, and you will be ready for any adventure, just like a real Viking. 

Viking Hooded Blankets

If Vikings had a chance to use one of our Viking Hooded Blankets, Skadi would have surely felt wholly devastated, as there would be no fear of winter anymore.

For all real Vikings, VikingsBrand has prepared an authentic collection of Viking Hooded Blankets with Nordic mythology motives that will keep you warm at all times.

With our Viking blankets, each adventure is merely a challenge, without fear of defeat. Apart from its great looks, the Viking Hooded Blankets collection will make you feel more secure in every situation, wherever you are!

Viking Hooded Blankets by VikingsBrand are made from premium materials and can be purchased in different colors and designs. Let Odin, Ragnar and Mjolnir become part of your family by using our Viking Hooded Blankets.

So, whether you are looking to add some of these original blankets to your collection, or to surprise someone in love with the Viking culture, rest assured that you are in the right place. Choose a Viking Hooded Blanket you like, and we will deliver it to you wherever you are!


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