10 Best Viking Beard Styles: How to grow a Viking beard?

Conceptually, this title's immediate meaning will imply that Viking's notion of modern society is kind of like they're fashion gurus and stylists. Used as models for hair and beard style completely taints the picture of them as a cruel and bold Scandinavian nation, but I've also had to be honest, the rugged faces and bushy beards were always a symbol of masculinity. Men frequently lay off their beards to grow naturally, then trim and style to create a perfect and attractive shape. Maybe not for the opposing sex, since when you look yourself in the mirror and see a handsome head, showing off the facial hair resembling gathered wisdom!

Well, my preface is done and I disclaim the wrongful portrait of the Viking's leftovers being trends and appearances of men, now let's get back to the essence of the topic.

First of all, beards cannot fit anyone just the way they think it can. Some men that aren't capable of growing beards should surely, if their desire persists, go and do some research on some cosmetic options how to speed up the growth and spread it across their entire face without patches forming.

I mentioned in one of my early articles about those supplements as an addition to this problem, so definitely check that one out. There are lots of styles and avenues to take in forming a beard that fits your head shape well. Yep, that is also a parameter of looking good, don't overlook that.  If you've seen the Vikings series you know how the main character Ragnar has a pear-ish head, so the sidecut, the ponytail and his beard style with added thickness to the compound, he's rocking it like a player.

However, you know that he's got the summer body to cover the lengthy and strength-y beard because it also needs to reflect on your physique and muscles. Otherwise, it would make you look like a wimp most of the time. Beards are like a cozy sheet to cover your face from the freezing Scandinavian cold winter. Now imagine that you live under those conditions and that you have to do it in order to survive the season. The hair also has grown on them vivaciously and wildly, and once it reached a certain dimension, they had to tie them in a ponytail or braid them so that it doesn't burden their Viking activities of the rest of the day.

That is the short story of how this style induced in the fashion of today. For those with the ever-lasting ambition to grow one, you have to be so persistent to pertain and maintain the look. It takes time, courage and a lot of patience to achieve and fully steal the Ragnar look.

The Process - Analysis

To start, choose a character you want to steal the look from. I advise you not to take Ragnar because everyone wants to play the main character, thus selecting someone else will diversify the unification of thy beard lore. On top of that, Ragnar isn't the one for me which looks that handsome with the style, my two pennies worth of opinion.

If you like to keep your head hairy and not cut on the top to the side differently, then he's also not your cup of tea. Then afterward, leave your beard to grow for weeks to come and from time to time trim it, because hair functions like a rebel, despite your actions of removing it, it strangely keeps growing faster after each time it's cut.

"Let it go"

As I suggested in the previous article, trimmers and one-time shavers vary the hair growth, because microscopically, it cuts the hair differently. The trimmer does a little twist, while the conventional razor/shaver cuts it diagonally. Look into it more if you want to know what benefits and cons you get from both.


Second of all, also mentioned in the article in details, is to carefully choose your diet and consult with some experts you know in real life or do research over the internet to check the best diets for a healthy lifestyle. Everybody with common sense knows that in a healthy body and spirit, comes along the achievements! Fruit and vegetables drive the healthy input directly to your skin and hair, stimulating them to do a good job of moisturizing and keeping a steady growth rate.


Some artificial products could be a good resource for proper beard maintenance, however since this is my untapped trove of the treasury, I personally don't know neither do I want to advertise which product does the best job. These products needless to say don't have to be artificial, there are also natural herbs and lotions which you can buy in retail as creams for nursing your beard as a child. It depends on where you live and how accessible these products are as well, and since there are lots of you readers asking me where to find those, I really can't help you with that. Blindly, that is, if you give me an online catalog or pamphlet then I could recommend something.

Beard maintenance

Prior to the beard grooming and handling, it's safe to say that you also have to oil up your skin underneath properly, take good care of the skin tissues, etc. That's also a factor as an underlying foundation of a full-stack beard you try to establish 'til Christmas to rock the best display. Like building a house. You cannot expect for a house to last for decades and centuries if it's made on a weakened soil which is about to collapse. Even if you build a marvelous home and make it steady, one bigger earthquake and all is gone! However, for the house, you at least have insurance covering you, whilst the beard is your own responsibility.

Barber Trim

Soliciting is this game's main role! Nevertheless, after you're done with the principle and you're ensured that it's not a house of cards you're building, then you should use common beard oils that contain natural ingredients to keep your beard silky and not dried out. Most of the products are far enough pretty well, so no thorough research needs to be done, like for the beard growth rate products which vary on their healthiness and effectiveness. And for the beard oils the best explanation why you use it, just remember that you wash your hair frequently and that law of hygiene also has to apply for the hair upside down from your head.

This third party aid doesn't have to be applied every day, but twice per week is the bare minimum I'd say. Depends on the product and its fabric instruction which you'll get, I mean, if it's an official product and not a rip off you bought on Craigslist.

The which razor debate has it's a continuation, because even if you trim your beard as hard as you could possibly do, still your face gives it a patchy, unattractive result. That's why you have to compensate for the unevenness and consult for the equal alignment with a cosmetic if the problem persists, that is.

The Older Dormant Cause Ceasing the Beard to Grow

If you're totally unable to grow a beard, changing your lifestyle would have surely affected the growth. Meaning, that if your testosterone levels (testosterone is a male hormone which plays a key role of the development of the male reproductive organs, as well as it affects the hair) are lowered, you should stimulate the production of them in a few ways. Since they also influence the body and bone mass and keep a man healthy and keeping him, well - a man, that's one way to make them work.

You may have enough of them but since you stopped exercising in high school and let yourself go, they have no interest in making you some good cells. That's why exercise should be practiced commonly, along with proper nutrition and diets. You cannot sit your butt all day and expect to be a Viking. Just like I said in the beginning, if you want to look like one, you've gotta act like one! I mean, don't pillage and storm out settlements and steal their valuable and precious items, replace that with a gym and you'll do good.

If you're skinny and really out of form, you should see a trainer to guide you through the machines and weights, so that he suggests the best way of you getting back in shape from scratch. Don't use me as your fitness trainer, because I also am slacking and lack the required strength of the Viking, plus I shaved my entire beard, but worry not, we're all gonna be a flock of angry and ripped tribe/mob!

The 10 Styles

I've seen numerous of resources bringing the same styles with different names for the beard, and I'll also do the same, since it isn't much you can do with a beard because, at the end of the day, it's just a chunk of hair! However, this chunk of hair requires so much care in order to look vicious, so don't underestimate the hair's power.

You have to ask yourself whether you'd like a long beard like a priest, or a shorter beard like David Beckam in his younger days. Just remember that during summertime the thicker the beard the bigger the hindering because it also weighs and if it gets soaking wet your head would have a larger lift to carry. However, if you take care of your beard properly and accordingly, it will be like heat storage and would do the opposite - cool your face! Just like I told you it all relies on what you want from the beard to do and work for you!

If you ever feel a bit down when you're grooming your facial hair and not manly enough, just remember that the Vikings also did daily fixture of the stash and that they have worn ponytails and braids! The braids didn't come from rasta men from Jamaica, it's all a propaganda from the Scandinavian brutes from the 8th century!

#1 The minimalistic Viking

This is the most common beard as it doesn't consume a lot of time to make and sustain. Just like the Vikings' it appears rushy, bushy and manly, it starts from sideburns and it goes along the face to the chin, prolonging the extent for a bit there. But make sure not to keep it too long if you're looking for the minimalistic style. Apart from the chin, the rest of the beard should be trimmed just enough to make it a beard texture and for the skin underneath not to show.

 Beard Person

#2 Main character look

If you selected him to be your model, it's because you're practical when you're in combat or embraced a commencing conquest! History tells us that Vikings also kept their beards out of their ways when in combat, not to make it the enemies target as a weak spot.  So, making a short, full beard with the intentional patches on the chin, with braided ponytails of the hair will make you a million dollars. You'd resemble the actor and you'll get the pre-minted credit!

 Ragnar Viking

#3 The sophisticated look

If the beard's longer than the hair, mostly it would need to be tangled in a braid to keep the Viking from the distraction of his regular, imposing and demanding activities. This gives you a look of a wise man during these ages, it kind of resembles me a priest that has a high level of wisdom and intellect. Disregard the fact that he's praising a paganic god.

 Beard Man

#4 Two times a charming look

If one braid isn't enough to tame your bestial facial hair, two braids would definitely do the trick! Now, this doesn't make you the two times more sophisticated guy or a priest just like I described it, but it will make you appear as a warrior that has seen things. Like you're wise, but in a different, war-like way if you comprehend me. Like you're a war veteran during the period of Viking blooming and you both have failed and succeeded and gained knowledge from battling. This one is my favorite!

Viking Braids

#5 Medium beard

I think that this is the most difficult one to maintain. Because, if you want the beard to have a locked-in dimension, you have to opt-in for a bumpy ride since you'll have to trim it DAILY! The length goes up to the upper chest level, it's a full-stack beard and it also requires a mustache that evenly looks as good as the rest of the beard

Beard Style

#6 Longbeard

An easier version of the medium beard, since everything remains the same except for the daily attendance thing. To attain this beard, all you have to do is trim it so that it goes to the preferred direction and that's it - just leave it to grow just like you did in the beginning.

Longbeard Man

#7 The upside-down ponytail

If your beard isn't promising enough and it doesn't contain enough thickness and length, instead of braids, you can tie it in ponytails as immense leverage of your power! Believe me, it is empowering, exceptional but surely more than when you tie your hair in a ponytail! It gives a totally odd feeling, but looks awesome!

 Viking Actor Beard

#8 Bushy and messy

Leave your beard to grow naturally. That's the only thing crucial here. From the sideburns to the endless growing across the chest downwards, with a powerful mustache pulling the strings of hair on top, this beard will reflect on your manliness within the borders of not taking yourself at all! It looks messy but astonishing!

Beard Man

#9 Intense Viking

Each part of the face which is covered with this beard should be equal in length in order to keep the intense Viking look. So from the sideburns to the mustache and chin, cut it equally and you'll do just fine, warrior!

 Viking Beard

#10 V for Vicious

Cut your beard from the chin downwards in a V shape, like a cone with a sharp edge on the bottom, gradually narrowing but with an equal thickness of hair. The lower lip may or may not be covered with beard, depends on what you think you look.

 Viking Actor Beard

Bottomline of the beard

This is pretty much everything. Most of these beard styles interfere with each other and look alike one to another, just like I told you, there aren't billions of unique styles, just the derivations and combinations using multiple instructions and combining them for your taste. I hope you find yourself in some of these, and I wish you a successful growth and groom! Just remember, it's all in the state of mind! Look like a Viking - start overcoming obstacles and start acting like one!


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