Largest Known Viking Poop

The way of life of the ancient Viking people has always been fascinating to scientists around the world (and the rest of us true Viking fans). Most of the things we know today about the Vikings came from their tireless research.

We know what the Vikings ate, what they drank, we know where they lived and what their life habits were like. We also know the location of the most significant Viking house, the largest Viking cemetery, and the largest buried hoard of Norse treasures.

However, do you know how many well-preserved Viking poop have been found so far?

If you thought the previous question was just a joke, think again!

The discovery of the Viking poop was no less important for scientists than discovering the greatest treasures from that period.

Moreover, the excrement found was estimated to be worth an incredible $39,000. So keep reading. It's undoubtedly the most valuable human excrement of all time.

When and Where Was the Largest Viking Poop Found?

Fossilized human poop was found in England in 1972. Archaeologists from the York Archaeological Trust discovered it during the excavation of the ancient Viking settlement of Jorvik (today known as York).

The human feces found were 20 cm long and 5 cm wide. Also, it was determined that the excrement dates back to the 9th century and that it belonged to a man from the Viking community who lived in settlement of Jorvik (today known as York).

Believe it or not, the excrement that was discovered has a name. It's called Lloyds Bank coprolite because it was found at the location where the construction of Lloyd's Bank was planned.

Where is the Famous Viking Excrement Today?

Largest Viking Poop

If you want to see the poop of a Viking live nowadays, you can visit the museum at the Viking Center Jorvik. It has been displayed there since 2008.

In 2003, during an organized school visit to the Archaeological Resource Centre where the poop was displayed at the time, the poop broke into three parts after being dropped during the exhibition.

Fortunately, the human poop, which was declared the most valuable human feces ever found, was successfully reconstructed and returned to its original shape.

Therefore, the famous Viking poop is still waiting for museum visitors in the same place.

What Information Was Obtained From the Analysis of the Largest Human Poop?

It is clear that such an exciting discovery had to be analyzed in more detail. So, based on detailed studies, it was discovered that the diet of the Viking who squeezed out the poop consisted mainly of meat and bread.

Further, several hundred parasitic eggs were detected in the feces. Therefore, the record size of the poop is considered to be the result of an intestinal disease that the Viking had.

A Few Words for the End...

No matter how unimportant this finding may seem to many, the world has enthusiastically documented this unusual discovery.

One of the York Archaeological Trust employees described the most significant Viking poop exhibition as the most exciting excrement he has ever seen.

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