Norwegian Hiker Stumbles Upon 1200-year-old Viking Sword

A Norwegian hiker traversing the ancient route between the eastern and western parts of the Scandinavian country has discovered a 1200-year-old sword from the Vikings Era. He had sat down to have a rest during a short fishing tour of the area. 


Photo: Hordaland Country Council

The ancient sword was found by outdoorsman Goran Olsen when he had stopped for a short rest in Haukeli, a central southern Norwegian region renowned for both fishing and hunting, and located around 250 kilometers west of the capital Oslo. It will be sent to Bergen’s University Museum for conservation. 


According to an archeologist with Hordaland County, Jostein Aksdal, the Viking sword was preserved in such an excellent condition that all it needed for it to be usable again today was just a new grip and polish. 


Aksdal added that it was very unusual but special to find an ancient sword that was merely lacking its grip alone. The rusted weapon was found covered by rocks on a well-known ancient path across a high mountain plateau. 


He further stated that they are waiting for the snow to subside in spring so that they could check the location where the Viking sword was discovered to see if they can find other items, or even a tomb, so as to understand more about the history behind the sword. 


On being measured, the length of the sword was found to be approximately 77 cm, thus making the Hordaland County archaeologists who measured it to suspect that it came from the period between 750AD and 800AD. 


At that time in Western Norway, this was a common sword. However, due to its being an expensive weapon then, the owner of this sword most probably used it as a show of his power in the society. Swords such as this were used as status symbols in Ancient Norway due to the high costs of extracting iron in Viking times. 


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