How to Grow a Viking Beard


Growing A Viking Beard

Wait, wait, just hold up. Did you really intend to procrastinate your due rent to save up for a beard-growing gel on the internet? Have you actually read something about the product, does it guarantee that you'll appear Norse in only a couple of weeks? Don't be frightened once you came up to the mirror and see yourself covered in facial hair - EVERYWHERE - on your face! How did it wind up like this?

Well, that's because you have not seen this article yet! I'll try to be as concise and helpful as much as I can, I'll be your beard expert, surely trying to describe the steps and guide you through the albeit - slow process to possess an intimidating beard, which will make even the biggest of nation bow down and subdue to you!

Can anyone grow a beard?

First of all - on top of your thought stack, for who knows how many times the idea of growing a superb, ruggedly adventuresome and most of all - Viking-oozing beard has come to your mind? Still, never did you embrace the courage to actually realize the viciousness caused by the appearance of this manly entity. Is it because of the oddly-clustered, scattered way of you growing one, or is it because it just takes too much time and devotion to nurture a proper one? The reasons actually are limited, so there's no fooling your way out of this. I personally have a strange growing beard, and you can't blame yourself for not having as manly genes as you thought you had. Fear not, a citizen of Beardtopia! The ages of making everything happen have finally settled! Whether male or female, young or old, everybody can grow facial hair like his ancestors from the Scandinavian lands! Although, I do not recommend females to take part in this campaign, sincerely. Do I need to explain further why, or is it common sense?

Man with Beard

To preface, when I mentioned Viking beard - at what was I aiming at? Well, in simple English that's called - a full beard. However, that doesn't directly apply that having hair, apparently short on the surface of your face, which would be considered Viking. Not at all. Vikings, historically and legendarily had thick beards that usually grew uncontrollably (um which Viking had the spare time to think about his looks while conquering continents?), to the point of where they could reach their chest with a slight nod. I won't go through the hipster terminology of beard-naming, we didn't all make it here alive living gentle lives, you know! There's plenty of made-up words that describe this alpha phenomenon and none of them parry with the master beard we've used as a topic.

I don't want to advertise any products or brands that are in the beard-growing business, because none of that surplus additives will produce miracles, unless you do it yourself, the natural way. If you're a male ranging from teen years and up to your twenties, thirties or whatever-ies, you are just the right specimen for my lectures.

The biological aspects of beard

Like it was told earlier, the biggest influence on the style which your beard appearance is based on is dictated by your main hormone - the testosterone. To be more specific, testosterone transforms to dihydrotestosterone - DHT, which is produced in your testicles. The higher the levels of it, the more beard you grow, there's not much philosophy to it.

Beware - don't feel offended by your own body if you have a lossy beard - it doesn't mean you have less testosterone, it means that your body is less sensitive to the effects of your testosterone working. I'm not lying to comfort you, Google it yourself! The good thing is that men who aren't too liable on the operation of it, have a higher chance of keeping hair on their head, so great news to all of us! That being said, it doesn't change anything, since our heads are covered by heavy metal or tin helmets with horns on them, right, whether bald or not?

Training to become a superior fighter

The best advice I can give you is NOT to take additional supplements from your local pharmacy and inject a heap of hormones to grow a few pieces of hair more. However, to stimulate your production of testosterone, there's an alternate, healthier route to it. Ever heard of a gym? The space filled with some mambo jumbo workstations and gadgetry, recall on it? Well, it's scientifically proven that if you exercise more, run, lift (adequate weights), swim, cycle,  engage into any physical recreation - your testosterone is likely to work out more as well, giving you the benefits which you were asking for! Other than that, less stress, maintaining a steady tempo on your metabolism, "hitting the sack" early, resting after a hard workout will also cause your body to react favorably to your expectations.

Proper diet for a healthy grow

Of course, like for many other aspects of life - a healthy diet is a vital part of doing lots of stuff correctly and beneficiary to your life. Like for many other things, diet and beard-growing are also closely connected, let me explain myself if I'm too much strafing around the point. "You are what you eat", is not a wasteful saying. I'm not contriving anything new, it's just whatever you input into your organism, usually through meals via the mouth and other organs of your digestive tract, it outputs results whether you're aware of them or not. Like eating too much sweet, refined foods, in my case that is, will make acne crawl out of my face. Now, we don't need any acne, but hair to come out, and these next ingredients are helpful to the cause.

What to eat specifically and the benefits of food

Adhere to protein-packed diet. That includes eggs, chicken (out of all variety of meats, chicken is the one which has high-concentration of protein), vegetables in general, potatoes, carrots, tuna fish, wholesome cheese, salads, etc. You probably don't know what all these have in common (except for the protein part). Let me inbound to you swiftly. Beta-carotene is found in vegetables, potatoes, carrots, it's the sharpy orange pigment which gives, for example, the carrot its color. It helps produce vitamin A which is highly useful for cell growth, namely, beard growth. Protein makes your muscles grow, endurance rises, cells are stronger. Calcium is good for the bone cells, iron, magnesium for good digestion, zinc, potassium - focusing on these key elements will surely be good for the thing we're having here. It's also said that cinnamon containments induce hair growth, some people put cinnamon on their head to stimulate hair to grow on the empty places where hair fell off. Of course, there's a preparation specialized for it, don't put crude spice cinnamon on your head like a looney. Smoothies are the cutting-edge, modern technology of placing everything nice in one bowl, so feel free to chop up some veggies, and make a side caesar's salad in order to boost the process.


Effervescent tablets are also a neat and fast form of remedy to take in valuable vitamins and salts, injecting them in raw forms through liquids, instead of waiting for all the foods to digest in your system. There are also lots of supplements, natural pills which you swallow for the same effect, however, you should consult your pharmacist for any measures brought to daylight. Don't want you to remain dangling of abusing pills because I prescribed something which is not good for you.

How to train to become a Viking

A good diet needs to be followed by equally as good exercise, and I'll write down further tips on your training which you should pursue. It's not that demanding, but it's based on relieving tensions for start. You should sleep longer, not often, but to be durable in your sleep. At least 6 hours of sleep is necessary, the optimal time of rest by sleeping is 8 to 10 hours. Since your body will be shifted into a completely new regime, where you're really going beast mode, carrying snacks as a side meal to the main course is crucial. I'm not talking about oil-drenched chips or some industrial garbage. Walnuts, peanuts, any kind of nut, even some prepacked quick meals based on protein and vitamins is a good dietary thing to keep you company while you train hard to rip that muscle and rip that beard!

Man with helmet

If you want to grow a beard like a Viking, you have to behave and live like one! You've got to be keen on to slashing your opponents in half, crave for and desire to reign the lands of the infidel people alongside Scandinavia, North America, island countries, Middle East and other nations which do not believe in the cult of beard and brutality! Or in another language, focusing on muscle-pumping, then resistance and maintaining training is another instance of beholding facial hair. War cries are desirable when you're lifting those dumbbells and pulling metal strings, flipping tractor wheels - and many other things on this endless list - are a simulation of what seemed to be a daily life of a Norse warrior. To be specific - ergometers - used as indoor boats, regarding rowing as a professional sport, is the best way to keep your whole body busy to build itself and maintain a healthy figure. Ergometer exercising uses your legs, your shoulders, back, and arms, seemingly full-body disposal, retains a fast hard speed while doing it, circulates your blood faster, after completing the training, the levels of dopamine and serotonin rise and you literally feel like you conquered the most difficult Middle Century city in entire Europe. Remember to make sure that your body fat rate stays stable, from 8% to 14% is optimal, so make sure that you intake enough calories during the day, but watch yourself not to overstep the vast boundaries! You've got to eat as our dreadful idols, as well! Let it stay in your mind - as much as your muscles pump, imagine your testosterone and DHT pumping exactly like your muscles. The powerful sensation is totally real, that you can feel it on your skin!

Natural oils

At first, I told you to keep clear away from gels you found on the internet. I'll make a condition to it. For beard thickness, supplements like omega 3, fish oils and biotin (biotin sustains a decent level of sugar in your veins, it's crucial for cell synthesis) ought to help out a lot, however you should see if you're body is ready to dissolve  complex oils and acids in this form of diet. Also, Rogaine, medicine which contains Minoxidil, a form of medication to treat hair loss, caused by androgenic alopecia. DHT and testosterone are androgens, named such cause they're related to a human's reproductive system. Long story, short, alopecia is a hair loss pattern typical to the male scalp, it's visible to most of men 40+ you came across in your life, where from the peak downwards hair loss is most prominent.

Hair implants and medication for growing a beard

The not so very fortunate fact is that any hair grown by minoxidil is likely to fall just like it was planted, once you stop using Rogaine. Allegedly, research found that you can easily be addicted to using this medicine, like drugs. Take care when you're using this mean of increasing beard density and prevalence. Hair implants are also in the game, however, they're a lot costly than any other method, so I suggest you avoid so. It's a very complex method on top of that.

Shaving utilities

Additional tips of having an aggressive beard are to take care of your beard as you do to your hair. You wash your hair every day with shampoo, why would it be different with facial hair, which is like an extension of your hair, but on the opposite side? It's very important to keep your skin moist, to comb your beard, to nurture it, as to is a friendly feline living on your face. A bigger question is now intact - using Electric Shavers or Razor Blades. Use of these utilities is also recommended because you have to shape your beard at first so that it can grow in the direction you want. Trimmers tend to leave skin irritations just after a couple of moments after you shave, leaving hair cut sharply, which can only be seen on microscopic levels, and eventually cause split ends, while using one-time razors distinctively contract hair to be more curly at first, but after using razors for some time, your hair will have a natural flow of grow and then you're prone to having real Viking beard. Recall of what I said earlier of how they rather kept a rugged beard - by cutting it with real men razors and blades - axes and swords!

Barber Shop Man Getting a Beard Cut

My personal tips for having an imposing beard

Some people say that hair grows in spite of your urges and intentions to cut it - the more you shave, the more it backfires and offers resistance - just like the Vikings! See the pattern now? It's like a game of micro and macro extent of the Norse! Every part of you has to be one if you want the whole thing! So I suggest that you cut your beard frequently, testing my theorem, which cases could be found on forums where people measured the length after a barrage of shaving inflicted for a week or two. Even on the "patch" surfaces which you currently have, where there's no beard, trace your razor through there as well. You know what, just go through every surface where you'd plant a beard, kind of like you're plowing earth soil. The patches aren't empty fields, it's just filled with white hair which can't be seen in broad daylight, so the theorem applies to those type of hair also!

In conclusion

That's about everything I can tell you about growing a Viking beard, the natural, Norse way of doing so! If everything fails (which I hardly think it will), what can I say, last hope is burdened on hair grow gels, however, I suggest you do full research before you buy anything like that. The methods I've shared with you are entirely natural. I'll resume each instance one more time, for a better perspective: start off with good training and exercise, become a member of a gym or go for a swim at the pool, but don't force yourself too much at first. Then, don't be a night owl and go to sleep until 12 AM, and rest until 8 AM. Vitamin D is created by your skin mostly in the morning when the sun shines brilliantly, without damaging your skin. Don't be reluctant to clean yourself a couple of times a day, apply oils I've mentioned earlier, hygiene is largely an influence. Along with that, after a shower and before the oils, mow that pile of hair you call beard with a razor. After all, that's done - you're ready to dine like a shark, maintaining the diet I prescribed, based mostly on protein and vitamins. With this regime and change of how you grip and perceive things about the importance of a beard - you're walking on a road I just paved for you, doubtlessly leading to a full stack Viking's look! Adjö, brothers!

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