Know your Runes 'Fehu'

The great tree Yggdrasil at the center of our cosmos hid the Well of Urd that held the secret of the runes, the alphabet of the gods and of the threads that control our universe and life. The Norns used the runes to control the fate of everyone by carving the runes into the trunk of Yggdrasil which would ripple through roots and branches, carrying the intentions of the runes into the world.

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Odin sacrificed himself to Yggdrasil to give us the secret of the runes, and by doing so, he gave us the tools to be able to steer our fate and ultimately help us change it in accordance to our will. So, let's talk about Runes, starting with Fehu what it means and how to use it in our lives.

Fehu (Feoh, Fe, Feh) pronounced Fay-hoo is the equivalent to the letter F it translates literally to “cattle” But it´s true meaning and teachings lie in its esoteric concepts of wealth, money, personal power, prosperity, and luck. Fehu is all about “good luck” that in turn will grant the aforementioned concepts. But, what is luck?

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Luck is when the synchronicities of the universe line up in your favor so that you reach your goals. A lot of coincidences must come to be for you to, for example, get your dream job. There must be an opening for it, the person with the job post you want needs to retire, or get promoted, then you must be aware that a position has opened in that business, maybe you find out through a random acquaintance in a bar or through a post in social media. Then you need to be interviewed, the interviewer may take a liking to you and had a great day and you hit it off and you get the job. All these things are beyond your control, you can have the proper skill set to do the job, but to get it you need the universe to “conspire” in your favor. That´s luck.

This is where Fehu the fortunate rune comes into play. Fehu has the capacity to manipulate luck like a magical ability, it can help you manifest your will in such a way that luck will bend towards it. By focusing your attention into this rune, you can take control over the aspects of life that we are thought we can´t employ to our favor. Wealth and luxury are usually the first things that come into mind when we think of good fortune but be mindful that true wealth lies in us being “in tune” with ourselves and flowing within the universe. Doing what we like and with the people that we love around us is what truly counts as wealth. Striving to this goal will open the force of luck in your favor.

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Fehu is a rune that should remind you about what you truly strive for, it should then push you to meditate on what you need to do on your part to get there, don´t think about “I want money” think about “I want to not worry about money while I do what I love” This is what good fortune is about. And by taking your time and meditating over your goals while staring at the Fehu rune, be it in a piece of jewelry or clothing, if you take the time to figure out what you need to do to be in tune an in flow with your surroundings, then the Rune will take care of the rest. Fehu will use luck to bring opportunities to you, and when they come, you must be prepared. You do your part and leave the rest to the magic of the runes.

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