The Different Styles Of The Viking Beard

Brave Viking warriors have a very long and exciting history. However, as impressive as Viking history may seem to us, the living conditions in which the Vikings existed were not so comfortable. However, despite the difficult living conditions, the Vikings left behind a rich cultural heritage. An important part of Norse history and culture was their long hair and a beard. We can say that a long beard and long hair were Viking men's trademark, and we won't be wrong. 

Why were beards so important for Norse warriors? The answer lies in the way of life that Norse men led.

The frequent wars to which Vikings were prone required Viking men to cultivate an appearance that would reflect their strength and power. Long hair and a beard were a good way for Vikings to feel confident and invincible in war. Long beards entwined in braids were an obligatory detail of every Viking who was preparing to go on conquests. For that reason, throughout history, long Viking beards have been a symbol of courage and masculinity.

The reasons why men grow facial hair are basically the same even today. Whenever men want to show power and self-confidence with their looks, the first thing that crosses their mind is to grow a beard. And where will men find the best inspiration for beard care, if not in the various styles of Viking beards?!

The most popular Viking beard styles are waiting for you to choose the one that suits you and your character the most. We are sure that you will find your perfect beard style among those we are going to mention. But before we get to the Viking beard styles, we are going to answer a few interesting questions first. 

Did the Vikings Have Beards?

Yes, the Vikings had long beards. In addition to long hair, the beard was an indispensable detail on the face of every Viking. Evidence in support of this is the numerous beard combs that were found during archaeological excavations. 

So, the Vikings not only had long beards, they always tended to its look and hygiene to the best of their abilities. In fact, the overall Viking hygiene was at a very high level, taking into account the conditions in which they lived. Therefore, the fact that they nurtured their beards is not surprising at all.

It's important to know that there was more to Vikings' beards than just plain aesthetic appearance. The Vikings let their beards and hair grow to keep them warm on cold days. As time passed, the Vikings began to style their facial hair, and they became a sign of recognition of Viking men.

Now that we know that the Vikings really had beards, do you want to know how they shaped them?!

How Do You Style a Viking Beard?

Beard care set

Beard care set

The Vikings made sure that their facial hair was always neat and clean. In order to succeed in your intention to have a Viking-style beard, you have to have a lot of patience. Long facial hair cannot grow overnight. You have to put in a lot of effort, and to make it easier for you, we've gathered several proven tips on how to get a perfectly shaped Viking beard. Follow this step by step guide and you will have a perfect beard in no time.

1. Choose a Beard Style

Before you start shaping your beard, it is necessary to decide which style of beard you want to nurture. The choice of Viking beard styles is really vast. As we said at the beginning, this text will describe the best beard styles worn by Viking men. It is up to you to choose the style that you think will suit you best.

2. Let the Beard Grow

Once you have decided which style of beard you want to nurture, let your beard grow. From time to time, you have to shorten your beard because that encourages its faster growth, thus you will achieve the desired beard length sooner. It may seem illogical to you to shorten a beard that has just started to grow, but if you want your beard to get the desired shape, occasional shortening is necessary. This will also help your beard to become thicker.

3. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one of the crucial factors on which your hair and beard's growth depends. Only if you take healthy food into your body will, your beard and hair get the necessary nutrients. You should avoid fatty food and increase your intake of iron-containing food in your daily diet. A healthy diet will contribute to the health of your skin and, thus, to your hair and beard's healthy looks.

4. Beard Care

As your facial hair grows, it requires proper treatment. In Viking times, beard care was limited, but nowadays there are many products available to you for hair growth as well as beard growth. In addition to regular washing and combing, you should use products that are intended for nurturing your beard such as beard oil, beard comb, beard balm, etc. Beard oil is very helpful because it accelerates the growth and provides adequate treatment for your beard (it should be used at least twice a week). Buying quality products for nurturing your beard will make it much easier for you to maintain your beard and make it look fantastic.

Now you probably understand why you need patience if you want to have a beard like a real Viking. And if you are wondering how long it will take to grow the beard you like, keep reading to find out.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Viking Beard?

Usually, it takes 2 to 4 months for most men to grow a Viking beard. The speed at which your beard grows depends on how you treat it and the growth rate of your beard in general. That's why the time needed to grow a full beard is so long.

Precision and attention to detail are essential when grooming a Viking beard. Since you need to shorten your beard from time to time, you must be careful not to shorten it too much or unevenly. One useful tip on how to trim your beard is to never trim it when it is wet. That’s because at wet beard does not look the same as when it is dry. It can happen that by trimming a wet beard, you will get a completely different shape of the beard from the one you wanted.

Finally, we have come to the Viking beard styles. The Vikings had numerous beard styles. However, we have chosen only a few, which are the most common choice of men who decide to grow a Viking-style beard nowadays.

What Are the Best Viking Beard Styles?

Viking beard styles change over time. These changes were noticeable even in the Viking era, so even today, the beard's style adapts to the trends imposed by the time in which we live.

So, here are a few of the best beard styles for men that are popular today and originate from the Vikings.

1. Short Viking Beard

The Viking-style beard is intended for confident men. We will start the list of the most popular styles of Viking beards with a short beard. For all men who are in the process of growing a beard or want a beard that is easy to maintain, a short Viking-style beard is what they need. A short Viking beard emphasizes facial features and improves the overall look. Men who opt for this kind of beard should also have a short hairstyle. The combination of short hair and beard will look masculine on every man.

2. Long Viking Beard

The long Viking beard is one of the most commonly seen styles of Viking beards. One of the reasons for that is that it is very easy to maintain this kind of beard. A long beard does not require much time for proper care. It is enough to apply beard oil on it and then comb the beard. As simple as that. 

In order for a man to have a long beard and achieve a true Viking look, he only needs to let his beard grow. A full beard gives a perfect look in combination with short or medium length hair.

3. Bushy Viking Beard

A shaggy beard is a right choice for all men whose beard is extremely sparse. The shaggy beard is mostly maintained at a medium length and does not require additional grooming and shaping. The Viking beard's bushy style is also intended for men who do not want to spend too much time on nurturing their beard. Although a beard like this will look a bit messy, you don't need to worry. Bushy and casual beards are very attractive.

4. Single Braid Viking Beard

Silver braids for Viking beards

Silver braids for Viking beards

A braided beard into a single braid with the Viking beard rings is the most recognizable style of Viking beard. This style is very simple and modern. A thick beard looks excellent when tangled into one braid. This beard will look fantastic with a shaved head.

5. Blonde And Short Style Viking Beard

A beard painted blonde (whole or partial) will make the whole "Viking look" more complete. A man with a blonde beard looks intriguing. The beard's length should be shorter than the beard of medium length (it does not touch the upper part of the chest). This kind of beard looks perfect with a spiky hair style.

6. Thin Braid

Since not everyone has a thick beard, the Vikings devised a beard style with one thin braid. To enrich this kind of braided beard, the Vikings decorated it with various types of beard beads. In this way, it is still possible to achieve a modern look of a beard that is twisted into one thin braid. With a little imagination and boldness, a beard entwined into a thin braid can look really amazing.

7. Chest Length Viking Beard

The chest-length Viking beard is generally square. Whether the hair is long or short, this beard style will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. For a more modern look, it is recommended to paint the beard in a reddish color. The reddish look of the beard will be even more reminiscent of a proper Viking beard. In addition to regular hygiene, to keep your beard well-groomed would require only occasional shortening.

8. Braided Viking Beard

Braided Viking Beard is the beard style that was mostly used at the beginning of the Viking era. For this style, the beard and hair need to be quite long. As the beard is very long, one braid cannot tame it. But two braids are a whole other story. A man who decides to nurture this Viking beard style will look like a Viking warrior just returning from a conquest. The hair can be let loose or tied in a ponytail; it is not so important, as the main emphasis is definitely on the beard.

9. Polished Viking Beard

Polished Viking Beard is a beard style intended for men who want their beard to look neat at all times but also cool. A hairstyle where one side of the head is shaved fits perfectly with the Polished Viking Beard.

10. Viking Beard With a Ponytail

Viking Beard with a ponytail is the right solution for men who are not good at knitting braids. Both hair and beard tied in a ponytail are a great combination that will make every man's look recognizable. This beard style is suitable for all seasons because a beard tied in a tail always looks neat. With this Viking beard style, a man can achieve a powerful look without much effort.

We have come to the end of our list of Viking beard styles for men. You can adapt each of the given styles to your needs. However, it is essential to know that the secret of a beautiful beard lies solely in proper grooming and regular beard trimming.



A Few Words For the End

The road to growing a Viking beard is quite tricky. It takes a lot of effort, patience, grooming, and perseverance to get a beard worthy of a Viking as the end result. However, if the Vikings arouse admiration in you, do not give up the idea to grow a beard like a true Viking warrior at least once in your life. Nurturing this kind of beard would pay homage to the old Vikings, so it's definitely something worth doing.

Until our next meeting,


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