Viking Décor & Accessories – How it Will Spruce Up Your Home

It is commonly known that Vikings were outstanding warriors, raiders, and traders who were respected and feared through the entire Medieval Europe. It may be that because of such glory, their remarkable artistic abilities aren't necessarily the first things that come to our minds when someone mentions their name.

Despite popular views, Vikings had always had specific tastes when it came to arts and crafts. The purpose of their masterpieces, however, slightly differed from the artwork we know and create today. 

Given the fact everything Vikings created typically had a practical use, we highly doubt they would be fans of the French phrase "l'art pour l'art" or "art for art's sake". Whether it be beds, doors, tables, and chairs, or ships and weapons, Vikings could find their way to make everyday objects more appealing using only their wits and creativity.

Similarly, not many of us today have the luxury of affording expensive paintings and sculptures, so we become more and more likely to combine pretty and practical, just like our ancestors did. 

Viking décor was, in fact, so functional that we can undoubtedly use most of their ideas today. Therefore, we will give you some tips and tricks to spruce up your home in true Viking style!

Viking Color Palette

As you already know, bright neon shades of pink, purple and yellow may be fashionable today, but they were far from preferable during the Viking Era. So if you decide to stay on this creative journey with us, make sure those aren't the first colors that catch a visitor's eye once they step into your home. 

You should keep in mind that the Viking Color Palette consisted of mainly neutral, earthy tones, such as grey, brown, beige, and black, with occasional use of accent colors, such as red, orange, blue, and green. So, for example, let's say your living room is already somewhere near that color spectrum, there is no need to renovate the entire place, only liven it up a little. 

Yet, before you call a painter, or pick up a roller yourself, bear in mind that even the bright colors, such as blue or red, should be mixed with a little bit of grey. Doing this, you will not only stay on the right path by remaining authentic to original Viking customs but achieve a rustic look that will amaze your guests and family members.

Wolf with helm of Awe fleece blanket

Wolf with the helm of Awe fleece blanket

And just when you thought that having an interior that fits the rules of Viking décor is only for the enthusiasts with a lot of spare time, we have one or two things up our sleeve to help you achieve your vision for much less work. 

For those of you thinking about wallpapers, yes, you got it right – wallpapers were exactly what we had in mind. Apart from being very affordable and easy to apply, they come in various colors, styles, and textures, and we are sure some of them will fit perfectly into your new Viking environment. 

And lastly, there is one more thing we think you should know when it comes to the Viking colors. 

Before you rush into playing with other aspects of redecoration, take one last look at your floors, for if they are of lighter shades, you might want to consider doing something about it.

As you already know, if Vikings weren't raiding, they were probably occupied with agriculture – and neither of those things included good hygiene. So, whether you washed your feet regularly or just for special occasions, keep your floors in darker shades and stay authentic to the style of your roots.

Various Viking Textures

As you could probably guess, not many parts of a typical Viking household were as perfect and as flat as in today's day and age. On the contrary, their houses were made of various materials, including wood, clay, stone, and metal. Having that said, you should already consider yourselves lucky, for you will need neither of those for support of the house, but solely for the aesthetic appeal. 

The first thing you will need in this part of redecoration is entirely free of charge, yet it will provide you with an incredible amount of fresh ideas to change your surroundings in no time. If you don't have it, which we highly doubt, we are sure you have at least heard of it – it's typically called 'an eye for details'.

Who said that drapes need to be made of cotton and silk, or that woolen rugs are out of fashion? 

If you haven't done it before, the time to say goodbye to your typical interior fabrics – has finally come. And if you are strongly against animal cruelty, don't worry, faux skin and wool won't make you any less of the Viking that you already are; on the contrary, it will inspire the rest of us to start walking in your footsteps and upgrade some of our embedded savage ways.

Secondly, if you look around and see more than ten objects made of plastic, that are a standard part of your furniture, just ask yourself: 'Could some of those come in metal or wood?' And you won't have any more problems. 

Natural materials are not only a much healthier option for you and your family but will bring you closer to your ideal Viking décor in the blink of an eye.

And if you are one of those who are blessed with a garden or an open balcony, just a tiny bit of moss will be enough to complete your journey of experimenting with Viking textures. It will be that one last piece of the puzzle that some of us don't have the luxury to try.

Final Viking Accessorizing 

Here we are, almost at the end of this inspiring journey through the history of Viking home décor. At this point, we would expect you to have already made some serious changes regarding your everyday lives and are ready to add some finishing touches to your Viking chateau.

But don't worry, you have already made it through the hard part, and now it's time to have some real fun.

All you'll have to think about is, what is it that you do that is just not Viking enough? Cutting your meals with a regular knife during dinner is, for example, one of them. Grab an axe and see how your regular well-done steak with vegetables slowly turns into a true Nordic feast. And please don't tell me you are one of those Vikings who still use glasses for ale and mead when it is commonly known that they only taste proper when drunk out of a proper Viking mugs or horns.

Stainless steel Viking tankard with Thor's hammer handle

Stainless steel Viking tankard with Thor's hammer handle 

In case no one told you, digital clocks are completely passé. There are so much more suitable Viking options when it comes to measuring the time that doing it digitally is a total waste of potential. We are of the opinion that a round wooden clock with, perhaps, Nordic motifs on it, would be a much better fit for a Viking like yourself. Plus, you will always know when it's the right time for boarding your longboat and sailing into the unknown.

In the end, who said redecorating had to come with a price? 

Well, certainly not an honorable Viking. 

Since we are all by mistake born 10 centuries later, then we should at least use some benefits that come with it. I am sure most of your homes are loaded with technology, so instead of keeping your standard wallpapers on screen, consider changing them into Viking themes. This will take only two minutes of your time and no money out of your pocket, but will permanently change your living space.

One final tip we think you could benefit from could be working with what you already have. If you have some bookshelves around the house, make sure that the books with Viking titles are the first ones that meet the eye. By doing this, you will accentuate not only the differences you have already made but also yourself in the process of finding the materials you need the most. And we all love killing two birds with one Mjölnir.


As you have seen, fellow Vikings, ideas to spruce up your homes, are nearly endless. There is more than one way to pay homage to authentic Viking décor, and you should try to find ones that you and your family like.

So whether it's painting your walls, replacing your polyester rugs with some sheepskin, or completely changing your everyday habits, beware that no Viking will judge. Know that any change is a good one, even if you decide Nordic décor is not for you.

But also keep in mind that such changes could give you some serious benefits and excuses when you are dealing with unannounced guests. One they come in, they will be so stunned with what you have done with the place that those unwashed dishes in the kitchen will be the last things that catch their eye. And if there is some visible dirt around the corners or some spiders on the ceiling, you can always say that those are purposeful, for a Viking has greater concerns than doing the regular mopping. He has wars to win!

With these words of Medieval wisdom, we leave you and hope we will meet again, whether it's on this blog or in one of our redecorated homes.


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