Are you watching the Vikings TV Show? If so, you are surely dreaming about having one of those impressive Viking beards. I know I am. Now, let me just state that I am referring to men here, and I believe the reason is quite clear, so I won’t elaborate it any further.

Why are Viking Beards so Amazing?

If you think the answer is as simple as “because the Vikings were amazing,” you would be quite right. They were remarkable, just like their beards.

The Viking beard style is an intimidating one. It is a blend of class and style. Except for its great looks, their beards kept Vikings warm during the worst of winters. It is a symbol of strength and power. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that so many men are dreaming of having one.

If you want to look tough and strong, the Viking beard style is your perfect choice. There are plenty of different beards you can choose to grow. However, keep in mind that the Viking beard is not for anyone. If you are looking like the Old Norse gods with muscles and the physique to carry it off, you are good to go. If not, you can improvise a bit and find the style that you like the most.


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History of the Viking Beard

We all know who the Vikings were. There were no greater explorers from the 8th to 11th century than the Vikings. The most fearless warriors and invaders of their time (with fantastic beards). The Vikings are also famous for their long hair. In times of peace (not that these occurred often), they would pay a lot of attention to their hair and their beards. 

However, in times of war, both the long hair and full beards could end up being a disadvantage on the battlefield in some occasions. For this reason, the Vikings would braid their full beards up and tie up their hair in ponytails.  

How to Grow a Viking Beard

How to Grow a Viking Beard


A challenge. 

This word can best describe what growing a Viking beard is all about. It demands a lot of commitment, precision, and patience. Also, if you are in a hurry to grow a Viking beard, you can forget about it. Growing a full beard will take a long time depending on many factors, but most importantly, on your genetics.

If you are up for the challenge, then nothing can stop you from growing intimidating beard others would wish to have. 

How to Grow a Viking Beard: Choose Your Style

Ok. You have decided to grow a beard like a Viking. Great. But, first things first. 

It is essential to choose a beard style that you like the most so you can style your beard in the right way. There are so many different styles of Viking beards, and it can be tough to choose one (trust me I have been there). Stay with us as we will present to you the top nine Viking beard styles later in this article.

 How to Grow a Viking Beard: Give it Enough Time to Grow

As we have already mentioned, your beard needs time to grow properly. If the Gods are on your side, you could have the beard style you chose in 7 to 13 weeks. Trimming your beard regularly will help your Viking beard grow the right way. 

How to Grow a Viking Beard: Take Care of The Skin Underneath

Yes, yes, we know that you want to appear all rough and tough. However, being gentle to the skin underneath your Viking beard will help you achieve that look way quicker. 

Growing a beard does not imply you should forget about the skin underneath. As a matter of fact, your beard will look way better if your skin is healthy. 

Take a look at a few tips that will keep your skin healthy, thus helping your beard growth:

  • While your beard is short use a facial scrub to scrub the skin,
  • As your beard grows, use your fingers to get between the hairs to get to the skin while showering. Brush your beard after the shower and dry it with a towel,
  • Don’t scratch it if it becomes uncomfortable. Instead, use beard oil, cream, or a balm.

How to Grow a Viking Beard: Take Care of Your Body

The health of your body is essential as it is directly related to the condition of your facial hair. If you want your Viking beard to look great, you need a healthy diet. Meals like eggs, beans, or fish are rich in proteins and should be a part of it.

The next thing to consider is stress. It is the root cause of the main problems when it comes to hair growth. You can reduce it quickly just by getting a good full night’s sleep and exercising regularly. I am not sure how often the Vikings managed to pull all-night rest, but they sure as hell exercised a lot. 

Check out this great article if you want a more in-depth guide about how to grow a Viking beard.

How to Style a Viking Beard?

Maintaining the shape and the health of your beard is very important. Furthermore, trimming your beard regularly is very useful if you wish to achieve a desired Viking beard style. 

A dry beard will look different than a wet beard. Keep this in mind if you find it easier to trim a wet beard, as the end result might not be as you expected.

To style the beard, you can use a beard gel or beard oil. The gel will let you shape your beard in no time, thus making it look perfect. The oil, on the other hand, will add a shining touch to your glorious beard.

Now, let’s take a look at nine fantastic Viking beard styles.

9 Best Viking Beard Styles

1. The Common Viking BeardThe Common Viking Beard


To start with, our first style represents the general perception of Viking beards. This style has a masculine and natural vibe to it. It is wild and bushy, just like the Vikings were. This beard style looks great with the shorter haircut. 

2. The Short Viking BeardThe Short Viking Beard


 If you think all Vikings had long beards, you would be mistaken. Many Vikings would keep their beards short before the battle. Moreover, they would tie up their long hair into ponytails. This way, they were sure their hair wouldn’t get in the way on the field of battle. 

3. The Intimidating Viking BeardThe Intimidating Viking Beard


It is a visually stunning, square-ish beard style. This beard will make you look strong and intimidating. One of the best things about this style is that it is very easy to maintain. 

4. The Long and Bushy BeardThe Long and Bushy Beard


The Viking beards were generally long and bushy. If you are so lucky to have a fast-growing beard, maybe this style is just the one you are looking for. Be patient, allow it to grow, and enjoy a spectacular full and long beard.  

5. The Tight Braided BeardThe Tight Braided Beard


If you are looking for a relaxed approach to your beard style, this might just be the perfect one for you. Additionally, a tightly braided beard will surely look stunning. Making one is quite simple. Use a hair tie on the base of your beard and braid down. In the end, top it off with some fancy beard jewelry, and you are good to go.


6. The Double Braided Beard The Double Braided Beard


 We usually associate Viking’s looks with either beard or hair braids. This beard style features two braids. It is a great starting point if you want to experiment with more complex beard styles in the future. 

 7. The Numerous Braids Beard

The Numerous Braids Beard


If your beard is really long, you have tons of braiding options at your disposal. Why would you have only one or two braids when you can make many throughout your beard? This style will definitely make your beard look unique. 

8. The Savage Viking Beard 

The Savage Viking Beard


This Viking beard style is only for those brave enough to try it. It is unique and tough to maintain. As the beard goes all the way to the waist, it can often get dirty and tangle into things. However, choosing this beard style will definitely make you stand out from the crowd with such a fantastic beard. So, if you can, go for it.

9. Uneven Viking Beard 

Uneven Viking Beard


It is an edge shaped beard style. You can try out different lengths and types and see which one suits you best. For instance, you could trim down mustaches and the sides while leaving a long beard in your chin area. 


After reading this article, you should have a clearer picture of how to grow and style your Viking beard. As you could see, there are plenty of beard styles to choose from. We hope that some of the ideas we presented here can help you find your perfect beard. 

If you have any questions or any fantastic Viking beard styles that we missed to mention, please let us know in the comment area below. 

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