Viking Necklaces

Vikings were passionate about jewelry, with historical records showing us that Viking's necklaces and Thor's necklaces were popular items for both men and women and crafted from many different types of metals.

Vikings were staunch believers in the powers of the unseen and used symbols of power not just on their jewelry, but also on their swords, axes, and runestones.

Each piece told a story to be handed down to the generations. Intricate patterns, while seemingly random, were deliberate designs and depicted images of animals, mythological creatures, gods, and the very power of nature herself.

The Viking mythology is full of references to powerful gods and mystical animals, and faith was a significant part of a Viking's life. The jewelry they wore helped ground them and keep them connected to their faith and nature. Viking necklaces were imbued with magical protective powers that lent a Viking strength in their times of need.

Viking Necklaces have always been popular in modern culture, but the style has been enjoying a recent resurgence thanks to popular TV shows depicting the ancient Nordic way of life; strong and proud, with an indomitable spirit.

Enjoy your time in our shop. We are sure you will find a design you love from our range of Thor's Hammer Necklaces and Vikings necklaces, which you can read more about below.

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Feel the protective power of nature's might and majesty surround you as you slip on one of our intricately patterned Thor's hammer necklace.

Mjolnir, a hammer of such devastating force that only a God could wield it, was the favorite weapon of Thor, Norse God of Thunder and Lightning.

Armed with Mjolnir, Thor could level mountains and devastate entire armies with a single blow.  He was the protector of Gods and mortals alike and struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.

The ancient Norse were no strangers to the power of symbolism and regularly took advantage of the protection afforded them by wearing Thor's hammer necklace.

 Remnants of Thor's hammer necklaces have been found scattered throughout Scandinavia, each one bearing a unique and intricate design featuring powerful runes and mystical insignia.

Our faithful renderings capture the godly essence of mighty Mjolnir, and each necklace features a robust design with a weighty feel and a satisfying heft to their design. 

Vikings' Necklaces - Shop Now

Feel the weight of history settle down around you when you wear one of our Viking's necklaces, featuring Nordic designs that resonate with the power and majesty of this ancient, proud nation.

Each one of our Vikings necklaces closely follows the traditions of those brave Norse men and women who sought the protection of the gods by adorning themselves with powerful symbols.

Each piece is meticulously crafted with masterful artistry and is available in a wide range of mythological renderings. Take your pick of designs, from Thor's hammer, mysterious ravens, powerful wolves, to the intricate weaves of the tree of life. You are sure to find a Viking necklace which matches perfectly with your personality and unique style.


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