Viking Beard

Many people consider the beard a symbol of masculinity. However, the Viking beard is not for everyone. This style of beard is intended only for brave men. Men with style.

Our products help these men care for their Viking beards.

Welcome to the Valhalla Family! At Viking Brand, we have everything and anything related to the Vikings. 

Our Viking beard collection entails accessories to help you achieve that Viking looks and relive as the modern king. Sample these beard accessories and activate your inner warrior mindset! 

The Vikings’ beard grew due to lack of attention as they were busy taking over empires, but with our high-quality beard care items, you can take care of your beard and maintain any shape you feel is powerful. 

Browse through this list as you explore what Vikings Brand has to offer in the Viking beard section. 


Below you can see some of the common questions we're asked about this collection.

How did Vikings care for their beards?

The Vikings grew beards as a sign of masculine character, and at times it was one of the important descriptions of specific kings. The Vikings kept their beards clean and well-groomed using tools such as combs and tweezers. They used strong lye soap to clean their beard and achieve a blonde appearance. Some Norsemen even braided beards to keep them from flying around during the war. 

Is Viking beard balm good?

A Viking beard balm helps groom your beard with combined ingredients that promote growth. The cream doubles up as a conditioner and moisturizer to soften and style your beard. It is also used in mustaches for an even better appeal. 

What is the best way to care for a beard?

Keep your beard neat and untangled by brushing it every day using a beard comb. It also spreads the beard oil you’re using to all corners. While it seems addictive, avoid touching and stroking your beard every time. Remember to use a combination of bear grooming kits such as beard oil, beard balm, combs, beard wash, and softeners. 

Growing and grooming Viking Beards needs some patience. However, with the right maintenance kits, you’ll love flaunting your facial hair and feel like a king. 

Our collection provides all that’s needed to become a member of the global bearded men community worldwide. We offer beard oils, balms, combs, and any other product that will champion your masculinity. 

Don’t be left out with a shabby beard. Select our Viking beard products today! 


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